Detect illegal trade

Enantio's sophisticated network analysis based on artificial intelligence identifies unusual activities in more than one billion shipment records before they reach their border. Our artificial intelligence can detect companies with illegal activity and adapt faster than offenders.

Effective commercial promotion

With quick access to information on more than 8 million companies in more than 190 countries, Enantio will help you determine where to focus your resources for maximum performance and efficiency. Enantio provides you with the data you need at any level of international trade for the promotion of trade and commercial assistance abroad. Get to know the sectors that are important to you and your business partners.

Recover Tariff Income

With more than a decade of historical data, analyze systematic tariff evasion at the enterprise, port or shipping level and recover lost revenue. Increase tariff revenues by stopping systematic tariff evasion using data from 35 governments through data declassified by their respective competent authorities.

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