Create a qualified list of potential buyers

Potential customer lists based on search terms, geographies, available information and dozens of other filterable options give you a functional list, quickly.

Grow your customer base: locally and abroad

Enantio puts the contact information of more than 1 million retailers, wholesalers and e-commerce companies at your fingertips.

Track the imports and exports of your competitors

Obtain visibility of the import and export activity of your competitors, your partners and your potential customers, all in one place.

Expand the network of your sales team

The effectiveness of a sales team is largely determined by the size of its network. With Enantio, you can increase that network exponentially
and discover new business opportunities.

Proactively monitor buyer activity

Set automatic alerts on your buyers to better understand your other business partners, purchase trends and product interests.

Get contact information from the top-level employee

With Enantio, you will have access to the contact information of hundreds of thousands of real people in global buyers. We have combined global business data and contact information, so you can focus on sales.

See how Enantio's intelligence platform can help you detect risks, opportunities and trends in world trade.

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