Create a qualified list of potential suppliers

Potential customer lists based on search terms, geographies, available information and dozens of other filterable options give you a functional list, quickly.

Factory visits can take a long time. Be sure to focus your energy in the right places. With more than 5 million companies tracked in Enantio, you can quickly find suitable suppliers that export what your business needs.

Track imports and exports of your competitors

Obtain visibility of the import and export activity of your competitors, your partners and your potential customers, all in one place.

Global business data can tell you a lot about what your competitors are doing. Stay ahead of the competition by discovering who they are working with and what they are importing.

Proactively monitor provider activity

Set automatic alerts on your suppliers to better understand your other business partners, total capacity and capabilities.

If your provider gets a new customer, that could affect your ability to get the capacity you need. If your provider has available capacity, you can negotiate harder on the price. Avoid going blind using Enantio to keep it
updated on the activities of your provider.

See how Enantio's intelligence platform can help you detect risks, opportunities and trends in world trade.

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